Mission (What we are trying to do):  To give world a platform, where each individual have equal say in the decisions that affect his/her life.

Problem (Why we are doing): Each political party have specific shortcomings that can’t  be removed, because the leaders are guarding those shortcoming for their benefit or for being in power.  The reason/cause of these short comings is how the political party works internally. Though they are parties of a democratic country but most of them are not truly democratic internally. Are they ?

Solution: A system / platform that will be continuously changed/ improved by people to run a political party internally in a open (transparent) and democratic way -> Open Democratic :

Open: Transparent and Open to Change. Democratic: Of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Thouse being elected won’t be governing the platform, it would be forever owned and governed by the community. Its efficiency would be continuously improved with latest technologies to help run a party from smallest village level to national level (might be internationally for global governance).

What can be changed in the system and what can not

Anything can be changed if majority of the community feels so as Community is the owner of the system. In the core of the system there will be principals like Democracy, secular, equality etc. There would be some parts of the system that would be easy to change and others would  be difficult to change. The system would be modular. If at anytime the community feels that those influential have modified the system to there benefit. The community may scrap the system to be rebuilt, with freshly elected representatives. Rebuilding would be easy because of modularity of the system. The system may be forked. The system would be open to change any number of times even the name. It may have ideas mentioned here or may not have depending upon the community.

Which political party will use this system:

The system will be open (with GNU and Creative Commons licences) and can be used by any democratic paty to run itself. We believe if we are able to make an effective system, the citizens would be forcing existing political parties to use this/such system, or we may see new political parties being built on this.

Help contributing the way you can, as…

 Now, You can do more than Voting.